- Quas
- Wex
- Exort
- Invoke
- Spell 1
- Spell 2


Keys pressed:
Spells Invoked:
Spells Used:

Invoker Game
by bØvle

Choose your game, Wisely!

How long can you take it? Difficulty will increase as time goes by! -
Invoke 10 spells as fast as you can. -
Invoke and execute as many Combos you can in 30 sec. -
Invoke and execute as many 3xCombos you can in 30 sec. -
You get randomly 1-3 spells, and its random if you have to use them -
Classic but with no limit. -

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Inspired by Invoker Trainer and of course Dota 2 and Invoker himself! I had a lot of fun with Invoker Trainer and decided to make my own but improved version. so here it is! I hope you all like it ;)

If you would like contribute to further development, I would appreciate following:

  • Help me share this game via social networks (share bar on the right)
  • Feel free to post this on whatever forums you are using
  • Make a donation

Thank You!


Cold Snap - Q Q Q
Ghost Walk - Q Q W
Ice Wall - Q Q E
Tornado - W W Q
Alacrity - W W E
Sun Strike - E E E
Forge Spirit - E E Q
Chaos Meteor - E E W
Deafening Blast - Q W E