Game Rules


You will be given a random of 1-3 spells each round, sometimes you just need to invoke the spells, at other times you need to both invoke and cast the spells. Every round will be limited by time, and the further you get, the harder its gonna be!


Invoke 10 spells as fast as you can, the game will tell you what spells to invoke!


Every round you will be given 2 spells, you need to invoke and cast them in order to enter next round. Cast as many combos you possibly can in 30 seconds!


Same rules as Combo, but this time you will be given 3 spells each round. Since you only have 2 available spell-slots, you are forced to invoke one extra spell for each combo!


Same rules as Survival, but this time you're not limited by time each round. You need to make as many random combinations you can in 30 seconds!


There's only so much that can be done to avoid cheaters. But bear in mind, if you are caught cheating, your account will be silenced and all your public scores will be gone!

All stats are recorded and taken into consideration.

How can you complete classic mode in 5 seconds and still have invoked 100 spells?
How is it possible to survive for 500 seconds while only pressing 2 keys?

You might think its fun, but it only takes one click to permanently remove all your scores!


Cold Snap - Q Q Q
Ghost Walk - Q Q W
Ice Wall - Q Q E
Tornado - W W Q
Alacrity - W W E
Sun Strike - E E E
Forge Spirit - E E Q
Chaos Meteor - E E W
Deafening Blast - Q W E